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Asociaciones industriales

Trace Software employees have dual skills in computing and industrial engineering. But the technology in our different activities continues to change at an ever growing pace, and Trace Software is dedicated to developing its software solutions in partnership with specialist manufacturers keen to implement software that complies with the practices and standards applicable to their business and which comes as part of an approach aimed at anticipating changes.Software – one of the best weapons to sharpen the competitive edge.

Adapted software quickly provides considerable competitive advantages and gains, whether in terms of automated processes, production document quality, error elimination, or the speed in producing studies and implementing the product for the customer.Winning companies are those that know how to anticipate changes to their business and which integrate the use of business software and their strong involvement with the publisher as a strategic element.


industrial partnership

Furthermore, Trace Software is open to partnerships for the development of any type of “future CAD” in which innovation is very much a real component.

Have you identified new requirements or new working methods? Do you want to work with a reactive and innovative publisher? Call us now, so that together and by drawing on each of our areas of specialisation, we can develop the tools of tomorrow’s world.

Partnership with the APAVE Group

In 1996, the APAVE Group decides to charge a software editor of developing a calculation software to meet the requirements of the NF-C15-100 norme in replacement for their software AUPCIEL. After consulting all market leaders, Trace Software is chosen by APAVE as the editor and the owner of the new software Elec Calc.

Elec Calc = the result of Trace Software’s development and APAVE’s expertis.





Partnership with MICHELIN

Since 1995, Trace Software and its subsidiary TraceParts SA have collaborated with the MICHELIN group to implement a number of applications and particularly: 2D and 3D component libraries for all MICHELIN’s engineering departments throughout the world, guides on equipment choice, subcontractors’ intranet.

Partnership with AREVA T&D  

Development of a complete API on Trace Elec Pro offering an interface with AREVA T&D’s own project configuration system.


Partnership with SIEMENS Power T&D 


Development of advanced functionalities for cable management.


Partnership with ALSTOM



Introduction of cabling blocks, of a CADDIE notion for components import from an upstream application.